• Logstrup

    Leco Sales represents Logstrup, the internationally known Danish switchboard systems manufacturer and has done so for some 22 years.

    Since 1957, Logstrup have been a leading and innovative force in the panel building industry. Logstrup have developed a complete range of Type Tested Switchgear and Control gear systems to cover the whole spectrum of Low Voltage applications

    The emphasis throughout their organisation is on quality and safety. Products have been rigorously tested by independent test laboratories to ensure compliance to IEC and other international standards

    Their products are thoroughly type tested according to specifications and requirements in IEC 60439-1-1999-09 for Type Tested Switchgear Assemblies (TTA). It conforms to all the regulations of major markets in Europe, Asia, Australia, and America.

    The standard paint finish and internal components can withstand most climatic variations.

    Modular Enclosure System

    The Logstrup enclosure system has complete modularity in all 3 axes with a base module of 190mm. This provides the most flexible solution possible. Width, height and depth as well as sizing and placement of any sub-sections are infinitely variable. Many space restrictions can be overcome by making angled or back to back arrangements.
    Since all components are standard stock items, design changes or other modifications can easily be catered for during the assembly phase or onsite

    Functional Units

    Functional units are classified by their level of compartmentation and type of electrical connection. An extensive range of standard parts offers complete freedom in design

    Different types of functional units can be mixed within the same assembly or section, in order to efficiently meet requirements regarding continuity of supply, service conditions or budgetary constraints.

    Due to the complete modularity of the system, the physical dimensions of the functional units can be varied in all 3 axes.
    This allows complete optimisation of design with respect to the overall dimensions of the assembly, heat dissipation, service and maintenance.

    Electrical equipment from all manufacturers may be fitted in accordance with the customers’ preferences
    To secure the overall safety level of the assembly all components are manufactured from steel or high grade polymer to resist the spread of fire.

    Omega System – Modular Enclosure System

    The Omega Switchgear & Controlgear System incorporates fixed, removable, withdrawable and inline technology for switchboards and motor control centres

    You can visit Logstrups web site at


  • Telergon

    Telergon is a leading manufacturer of load break switches and its associate accessories based in Spain.

    Telergon has been a mainstay of our business for some years now. The product is robust, reliable and competitive. Available in a wide range of amperages and pole configurations, the range includes load break, auto and manual changeover, bypass and photovoltaic.

    Accessories include:

    • Direct mounting handle
    • External mounting handle
    • Terminal shrouds
    • Terminal protection
    • Auxiliary contacts
    • Shaft extensions
    • Safety key lock device


    The Telergon range of changeover switches is characterised by a compact design with a single output and the possibility to be motorised with a modular system. The CC (Compact Changeover) is the same unit used for manual transfer. Motorised units (UM) give quick and easy coupling to the compact change over allowing remote operation through digital inputs/outputs via series protocol MODBUS.

    Telergon switches can practically handle any situation in electrical circuits without risk to the operator. Telergon switches have on load switching capability for both AC and DC

    (Capacitive & Inductive) and can handle loads up to 1000V with Rated breaking current up to 8 times the rated operational current. High making and withstand capability up to 100KA short circuit, uninterrupted duties in extreme tropical and Arctic conditions, protection against accidental over Voltage, reliable isolation and contact position indication throughout the life-time of the switch, even after short-circuits

  • New Elfin

    Leco Sales is proud to be partnering New Elfin as their New Zealand Agent. We believe we have a first class product from a first class company. If you want above average performance at a competitive price then give New Elfin a try and see for yourself why so many people are staying with this product.

  • Siba Fuses

    Fuseco Australia holds the Agency for the German designed and made Siba Fuse range.

    Siba only use the best materials for their products and what

  • Tofco

    Tofco CPP Limited is a family business based in the North East of England, just a few miles from Newcastle upon Tyne and its International Airport.

    With over 40 years of industry experience Tofco CPP Ltd has developed into one of the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of Street Lighting Cut-Outs, Isolators,

  • Panasonic

    Panasonic are one of the main stream manufacturers of relays and bases in the world. Panasonic take great pride in producing a quality product which is distributed globally. Leco Sales is proud to represent stock and sell Panasonic relays in New Zealand
    There is Standard 2 and 4-pole relays for wide applications along with the associated bases.

  • Connectwell

    We represent this company who are one leaders in the production of terminal blocks.

    Connectwell have been growing their global markets for three main reasons. Connectwell has

  • Copper Bar

    To complement our switchboard cabinet systems we also hold stock a wide range of copper bar.

    We stock a range of 4 meter length of tinned and bare copper bar. These come in 6.3mm, 10mm and 12 mm thicknesses. The width ranges from 30mm up 114mm wide.

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